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So, I didn’t end up having time to finish what I was initially going to post today because of some last-minute family plans, so this will take its place today. I’m also going to work on a review of Defiance’s inaugural season for y’all, so that’ll probably be tomorrow’s post.

Anyways, this is a poem I wrote for a college course I took a little while back. The writing prompt was: “Write a poem about losing something; anything at all.” I couldn’t think of anything personal to fit the prompt in time, so I went with that age-old theme of a love that really wasn’t. It’s kind of a crappy poem in my opinion, but I figured it’s pretty okay for a writing exercise. I hope you enjoy!


Bring me the sunset in a cup,

So that I might set it on my windowsill

For all the world to see.


Bring me all the moonlight in a bowl

So that people won’t miss the Sun.

It’ll be just for you and me.


Bring me every color on a plate,

So the world over can finally see

How bright we both can be.


Now the world is cold and grey,

All the brightness gone away.


But with this now I truly see,

How little you meant to me.


For now with no color to bind or heed

There is something very clear:

We were never meant to be.