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So, I was supposed to post something more bulky today now that I should have more rest, but the combination of late-night fireworks and the shootout a few streets down kept me up until around 4am. Because of that, I’m doing more of this today and I’ll put off the other stuff until tomorrow.


As the Sun shifts through an ocean of sky,

So passes the beauty of mortal form,

Fading through time until we all must die,

And our works wither beneath the new norm.

The verdant leaves of Nature’s brilliant might

Rots too beneath the spiteful arms of time

Alongside the heaps of poetic rites

Whose fall was steeped in their own blissful rhyme.

And many great nations will rust and fall

Like perilous towers in the tempest,

Joining the sorrowful fate of us all,

Sinking deep into an eternal rest.

But Hope will persevere in all things new,

Even when souls are bound in cages too.