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So, this is a free-form, free-verse poem I wrote a while back and I figured I’d share since I’m pretty much done with tinkering with it for a long while.

I had the inspiration for this poem really early in the morning about two years ago. Probably around 3am. I got up, sat down at my laptop, and typed until the rough version was fully out. Hopefully I didn’t wake my roommate at the time, but it was one of those urgent poems. The kind you need to get out or you’ll lose it in your struggle for sleep.

Anyways, I hope you all enjoy.



I have learned to love

More than any have before.

I speak not on the carnal,

That worship of flesh

Which binds and captivates,

Which pins us down to

The precipice of destruction.




I speak of true love,

Purer than midnight air,

Deeper than the abyssal seas.

The love I know is that

Of an angel in vivid flesh.

But not an angel of God,

For their El Shaddai could make

Not such perfection,

Nor of some otherworldly power.


Oh, no.


Rather, I speak of a woman

Holier than sacred psalms,

More precious than fading Mandylion

And the Rood itself.


I speak of a beauty for which

Ten thousand would be launched,

So even Helen would know

Of her failings in the angel’s light.


I speak of a wonder,

One which I would take for my own

To enshrine in art,

To bear witness to,

Until my eyes grow dim,

My limbs weak,

And my heart fails.


I speak of blooming love

Like the Elysian amaranth,

Eternal in youth,

Flowering evermore.


Her hair is unlike coal,

Not as the Sun’s light,

Nor fiery as some may claim,

But fluid, like a rainbow

Thrust into a river flowing,

And simply as elegant.


Neither gaunt,

Nor sumptuous,

Amorphous in glory,

Changing with every step

In a pulsing cadence.

Eyes like diamonds:

Prisms from which all colors spring.


Sweet as wine,

Bitter as myrrh.

Soft as linen,

Coarse as broken glass.

Prudent and brash,

Serene and wrathful.


My love of her is pure

As drifting snow,

For it falls just as broadly.


My love is everlasting,

My angel ever changing.