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As of late my levels of creativity, and general motivations, towards working on my greater writing project have been less than stellar. I’ll start working on it, and then, for one reason or another, I just stare at a screen or book for two hours before I snap out of it and realize, much to my dismay, that nothing’s happened.

This is a weird situation that I find myself in on most vacations. During my school days and the first few weeks of vacations I am very motivated to my research, outlining, planning, and whatnot. But, the middle two months are always filled with this sort of . . . apathy? That might not be the right word. Disenchantment might be better. My motivation generally picks up again in the last month of vacation. I think it’s the press of time that motivates me to work on things I really enjoy. That feeling of “I don’t have much time so I need to get this done now!” mindset seems to drive me to Herculean feats of writing when it comes to volume and willingness to continue onward.

So I’ve decided to accept it and to take a break.

But that doesn’t mean I’m going to stop writing in general. Instead, I’m going to focus on other things that I’ve been working on for a while.

I have a short story called “The Dreamer” that I got the idea for back in the beginning of the summer. I’ve been slowly working on it since then, but I haven’t devoted a whole lot of time to it, so I figure now is a good time.

I’m also working on revising a poem I wrote a couple months back called “Angel”. It’s free-form and all that, so I need to work on a way to structure it so it looks more aesthetically pleasing. That’s not to say I’m forcing structure where there is none, I just need to make it look better. It’s a bit garbled right now so I need to get that right. I’ll probably post it on here at some point.

I should make a poetry folder . . .

In any case: I’m also working on the final editing processes of another poem I’ve been cooking up called “A Dream of Spring”. No, I’m not secretly ghost-writing George R. R. Martin’s last book (though I quite wish I was). The name just fit in general, and to be quite honest I had completely forgotten about the supposed title of his final book in “A Song of Ice and Fire”. I’m working with seasonal images and parallels. “A Dream of Spring” fits. Trust me.

Gaming is also going to help break up the monotony of this vacation, I think. I might play through Tomb Raider again. I loved the game and it’s only a 15-16 hour commitment. I might also do another play-through of the Jak and Daxter series. Take a trip down memory lane, as it were. Along with Metroid, J&D was the series that really pulled me in with every game.

I also need to finally get to finishing up working on my plans for my college group’s Dungeons and Dragons campaign. We just got word that one of our members is probably working on a cruise-liner this year and won’t be able to make it, so I need to re-jigger a bunch of older ideas to fit the new group size, as well as continue plans into a number of prospective directions. They’re currently in the Dwarven city of Kaas, so I need to at the very least finish up my map of the city and the encounters within. Hopefully first semester they’re finishing this campaign off, so I need to get a LOT of things ready. Especially for a number of potential Final Encounter scenarios.

Apparently I’ve set very high standards for myself with my group so far, so I need to keep up the quality, haha.

Well, that’s what I’m currently up to.

I’ll still post stuff about my project that I have more or less finished up information-wise, but this blog might descend into posting about random things and movie/book reviews for a while.

I also need to get off my ass and start posting music stuff on Sundays like I said I was going to.

Something happens to me on Sundays where I won’t realize it’s Sunday until it’s already dark, and then I won’t look at a clock until it’s around 11:55pm. I could just post the song and have done with it, but I like doing the mini-profile for the bands like I did with my first, and only, post, which was about Epica: my favorite band.

So hopefully you’ll enjoy whatever creatively spews out of me next.

Until next time!