I’m sick.


Well . . . I shouldn’t say that I’m “sick”, per say. I think “unwell” would be more accurate . . .

Yeah, unwell is better. Sick denoted a feeling of real illness. Right now it’s more of that achy, stuffy, I-don’t-want-to-do-anything-ness that comes with a mild head-cold.

You know the kind.

The kind where your mother or current maternal figure won’t stop nagging you about taking anti-congestives. The kind where you can’t actually justify not doing anything because you’re perfectly able to go about business as usual. The kind where, even though you can go about your business, you’ll be sore every time you bend too fast or pick something up. The kind that gives you the spins if you stand up too fast.

In other words: it’s not debilitating, or serious, or even noteworthy. It’s just annoying.

But its not really sickness. Not in my books at least.

To me, “sick” as a condition doesn’t come into play unless I meet at least one of four criteria: severe fever, lots of vomiting, ambient and persistent bleeding from strange places, organ/s not working like its/they’re supposed to.

The last time I was really “sick” was my freshman year of college when I got pneumonia. Now that was a sickness.

Although, I guess by my above criteria I was “sick” for two or three days after my rapid palatial expansion surgery last Christmas. I was bleeding from my mouth which is weird, and I was indeed vomiting. Although that was mostly the blood in my stomach that was there from a tear in my nose from the breathing tube they used in the surgery. I was also pretty achy and dizzy. So, I guess I should modify that previous statement to say that the last time I was “sick” was Christmas.

Post-surgery is definitely a kind of “sick”.

In any case . . .


That’s why I haven’t been posting lately. I’ve had things to write about, and I’ve known what I was going to say (basically), but I haven’t had the willpower to do it. That happens a lot when I’m feeling unwell. I get lazy.

Well . . . lazier than usual, at least.

I’m finally feeling better, though, so I should be resuming regular posting today!

I’ve been reading a lot of Tolkien lately, so I’m feeling particularly inspired this week. Nothing quite gets my mind churning like The Silmarillion.