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Today I planned to get some research done. Mostly, I was going to be looking at some books on Roman and Byzantine medicine and surgery, as well as some sources about Western Medieval remedies and “healing prayers”, as it were, just to get the feel of the sort of things that were swilling around.

This was, unfortunately, derailed by not being able to sleep particularly well the past few nights.

It happens every late spring and summer. I coast along pretty well until the heat kicks in and then it’s: goodbye sleep! I enjoy the heat, and I can tolerate it pretty well. But, my body gets very stressed by the heat, and so never really get around to sleeping more than three to four hours a night because of it. This, eventually results in me passing out in my bed midday through exhaustion after about two weeks and I sleep for over a day, which afterwards buys me a few days of a comfortable, well-rested feeling.

lazy corgi

(My thoughts exactly, Mr. Lazy Corgi.)

In other words, I was far too tired to focus on anything too academic or complicated today. So, instead, I decided to see if there was anything I could passively watch to keep myself occupied. This led to my recent rediscovery of the free streaming movies on FearNet.

You can probably tell where I’m going with this.

Rather than get some research done, or saying “screw it” and deciding to read a book like usual, I ended up in a marathon of about a half-dozen marginally good horror movies.

I’m also very sweaty now, because my laptop base gets quite hot and it’s been in my lap all day. My desk is still serving as my third bookcase/videogame-holder/cd-case.

But! I do have Girl Scout Thin Mint Cookie-flavored ice cream to help keep the heat at bay.

There’s no real grand revelation here, and there’s no great crystallizing moment for my writing that this stalling has given me. I know these are supposed to turn into something leading up to the line of: “But . . .”, which is then followed by a stirring tale of shattered laziness and the conquest of the tyranny of sloth. Instead, this is merely the story of procrastinated work. This is just a tale of heat and exhaustion piling up to create a grand amorphous mass of who-gives-a-damn.


The moral of this story: heat is a bitch.