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I’m doing two posts today because I’ve been neglecting this blog in favor of going to the plethora of High School graduation things my brother was involved in. All that is over now, so time to play catch up with Post #2. Wooo!

Are you excited? Because I sure am . . . mostly.

So, since I don’t go back to college for classes until September, I’ve put together a tentative reading list for the summer. I’m watching “Fringe” and catching up on “Defiance” as well, so my reading will probably be pretty scattered until midway through June. I also have my personal writing project to be working on, but I’m still decidedly in the note-taking and how-the-bleeding-Hells-am-I-going-to-make-sense-of-THAT stage. But, nonetheless, I have made a list of “must reads” before going back to college. Here it is!

– “Instumentalities of the Night” by Glen Cook. I’m halfway through book one, “Tyranny of the Night”, and he’s put out another two so far, with a fourth coming out this year, to my knowledge. I’m also planning on reading books two and three, “Lord of the Silent Kingdom” and “Surrender to the Will of the Night”, as well (probably also book four, “Working the Gods’ Mischief” if it comes out)

tyranny of the night cover

– “Chronicles of the Raven” by James Barclay. The first trilogy concerning The Raven, a mercenary company, famed for being the best at what they do. I’ve heard many good things about Mr. Barclay, so I’m going to give this first collection a try.

dawnthief cover

– MAYBE “Legends of the Raven” . . . only if I like “Chronicles…”. “Legends…” is the second trilogy.

elfsorrow book cover

– “Memory of Flames” by Stephen Deas. There are five books out, but I currently only own three. This may be the last to read on my list, if only because I hate not being fully caught up on a series when I interrupt it with something else.

adamantine palace cover

– “Promise of Blood” by Brian McClellan. The first book in “The Powder Mage Trilogy”. Just came out, and I’ve read the first few chapters online. It seems really good so far. Fantasy set in the black-powder era (aka Napoleonic Era)? I am intrigued.

promise of blood cover

– “The Mabinogion” (fun fact: Google will auto-correct Mabinogion to “marination”. I find that really giggle-worthy) by Evangeline Walton. This tetrology is Walton’s interpretation of the four classic Welch tales. I bought this about two years ago and never got around to reading it. I’m going to do that this summer if it kills me.

mabinogion cover

– “The Eyes of God” by John Marco. This is the first book in “The Bronze Knight Series”. Apparently there’s lots of politicking, battles, and forlorn forbidden love triangles. For some reason the local Barnes & Noble only has this book and his newly release “The Forever Knight” in the series. This annoys me. But in all seriousness, this may actually be my final read of the summer, if only because Deas’ series is ongoing, and I’d rather take a break three books in than just one.

eyes of god cover

Well, I don’t think I missed anything, but I certainly might have. All told, that’s about twelve books, possibly fifteen if I really need to grab “Legends…” by Barclay. That’s quite the load ahead of me, but I’m excited for it, considering I never have that much time to read with my college classes (although next semester is looking very free . . . so maybe . . . just maybe luck will find me there). Any book suggestions would be wonderfully helpful and encouraged.

That’s all for today, folks. Read on, write on, and daydream on!


Can we talk for a second about how amazing Raymond Swanland’s cover art is? He did the cover for Cook and Barclay (on “Legends…”) and I always love his art. seriously, look up the art he’s done for all of Cook’s books (besides his detective series . . . Swanland is not involved in those ones), the stuff he’s done for Magic the Gathering, and all the other authors he’s worked for. The man is a master. If I had my way and got published in the future, I’d want him doing ALL of my book covers. All of them.

Do it.

Just Google the man.

Raymond Swanland art.

swanland art

Boom. Beautiful.