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So I decided to make this blog upon being prompted by a number of individuals (who shall remain unnamed for your own sanity!) to make one, so that I can vent my ideas and creative juices without too much collateral spray into the unsuspecting, and probably unwilling, general public. This blog is mostly about my writing process, my experiences with reading, and whatever random tomfoolery I feel like posting here (probably a lot of music involved there). But, mainly, I’m probably going to be dumping ideas here to let them stew (and for comments if people want to leave them!), as well as some smaller writing projects I’m working on, with some book reviews thrown in to mix it up.

The blog title is somewhat mysterious and nonsensical at the moment, but, hopefully, once I start posting the name will make much more sense.

This blog mainly serves as an information dump and a place where I can go to give myself a tangible sense of progress with my writing process. Hopefully you all who read this will enjoy the journey as much as I sure hope I do!